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Image by James Owen

Featured Game Soundtrack: Earthbound

Right off the bat this game gets you hyped. The opening credits music is super upbeat, and I’m just…I’m ready. I’m ready to take Giygas out right now. Let’s go. Even the choose file and enter name music have me bobbing my head. This game throws sick beats at you the second you start

Featured Game Soundtrack: Deponia

Reigns: Her Majesty (PC)

Have you ever wanted to be a queen? Have you ever wanted to have some amount of power and a bunch of people flirt with you? Have you ever wanted to die in childbirth because middle ages? Have you ever wanted to have the church breathing down your neck with accusations of heresy and witchcraft—things you definitely are taking part of—because they’re the church?
Good, because that’s your life now.

Image by Pete Pedroza

How to Get Rid of All of Your Money on Video Games

I’ve decided to help you get rid of some of that cash you’ve been wrongfully hoarding. Maybe you did some Spring cleaning and found some change in the couch cushions or in your cookie jar. Deposit that shit and get on your phone!

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